Anthem Overdrive

Anthem Overdrive


The Anthem Overdrive is blended circuit that combines parts of our old Sonic Sojourn overdrive and mixes it with the sustain and smooth grit from a RAT. Make no mistake, this medium gain pedal is absolutely overdrive in nature but it has a small twist that can make leads and single notes bloom and ring.

The controls are:

Volume: The Anthem has very generous amount of headroom to play with allowing the player a multitude of potions.

Gain: This is a medium gain overdrive. It can go from subtle to melt your face off quite easily. As the gain is increase so is the sustain.

Tone: There is a massive amount of tone sweep with this pedal. Treble increases the more you turn it up.

Clipping: There are 3 clipping options. Up: modern (hard) clipping. Middle: none. Down: Vintage (soft) clipping.

The Anthem Overdrive is not your average drive pedal. It’s versatile, clear, sounds great on its own and sounds killer when mixed with your favorite pedals.

Handcrafted in upstate NY with the highest quality parts

Powered by a standard 9v negative tip (boss style) power adaptor

Has a soft touch bypass switch.

This pedal will ship in 7-10 days

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