Original OD30: St. Patty's LIMITED EDITION

Original OD30: St. Patty's LIMITED EDITION

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We’ve got a limited edition OD30 just for St. Patty’s Day.

This overdrive pedal is inspired by the simplicity of the EM Drive. It is a low parts, simply designed circuit made with the best hand selected parts that I can get, giving it impeccable tone and clarity even on the grittiest settings. Because of its clarity, it stacks incredibly well with other drives and has beautiful picking dynamics.

It's made with: carbon comp resistors, Russian paper in oil capacitors, ceramic axial tone capacitor, and both a germanium 1N34a and European 1418 diode. There are controls for volume, drive, tone and a toggle that engages the clipping diodes. Use it as a boost or a tone shaping pedal when the clipping diodes are bypassed. When the didoes are engaged it brings out a clear, rich, and harmonic overdrive.

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